San Vincenzo and the Etruscan Coast

San Vincenzo

Hotel and rooms with swimming pool and private beach in San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo is a modern and welcoming town, full of attractions and with a well-equipped marina.
Famous not only for the characteristics of the town but also for its restaurants, which each year offer dishes based on typical products combined with the excellent wines produced in the surrounding areas.
San Vincenzo is the perfect choice for tourists who like to devote themselves to interesting visits and excursions, thanks to its proximity to the ancient medieval villages of Suvereto and Campiglia and also to the proximity of some of the most interesting vestiges of the ancient Etruscan civilization.
Not to be missed for nature lovers is the Rimigliano Park, a protected natural environment, rich in vegetation. The fine sand beach of San Vincenzo stretches for many kilometers and houses some bathing establishments and port areas.


Hotel and rooms with swimming pool and private beach in San Vincenzo

Bolgheri was born around the medieval castle which stands on a small hill; the place was made famous by the verses of Giosuè Carducci. Bolgheri is famous not only for its fantastic historical-landscape environment, but also for its red wines famous all over the world.

Populonia and the Gulf of Baratti

Hotel and rooms with swimming pool and private beach in San Vincenzo

Populonia was an ancient Etruscan settlement and the only one born on the coast; the actual city extended on the northern side while the industrial districts arose on the coast of the Gulf of Baratti; it was one of the Etruscan centers with the most mining and metallurgical industries.

Populonia is famous above all for the numerous Etruscan tombs scattered throughout its territory.

Campiglia Marittima

Hotel and rooms with swimming pool and private beach in San Vincenzo

Campiglia Marittima is an ancient and characteristic village where the charm of the Middle Ages merges with nature. Visiting Campiglia you can discover the charm of its spas, immersed in the lush greenery typical of the Etruscan Coast or visit the famous San Silvestro archeominerary park.

Nature, relaxation and sport make this location a little gem to visit.


Hotel and rooms with swimming pool and private beach in San Vincenzo

In the municipality of Suvereto it is possible to visit the famous Montioni Natural Park, equipped with rare examples of Mediterranean flora, magnificent fauna and monuments belonging to the Napoleonic era. Suvereto stands on the top of a hill surrounded by the sea.

Etruscan Coast

What to do on the Etruscan Coast

• Mountain bike excursions:
Do not miss the thrill of immersing yourself in the greenery and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of San Vincenzo on a mountain bike excursion.

• Trekking:
Our surroundings are particularly suitable for hiking because the territory crossed offers wild and unspoiled nature, which surrounds a series of settlements of considerable historical interest ranging from the Etruscan period to the late Middle Ages, up to the extraction periods of the early of the 1900s.

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